The Hispanic Voter Network (HVN) is a long-term, results driven commitment to the Hispanic community in Texas. The focus is to build a statewide network of pro-business, common-sense conservatives who are passionate about the role that Hispanics play in the future of the Republican Party.

Republicans have seen tremendous growth among Hispanic communities over the last two election cycles. HVN is committed to capitalizing on this growth by recruiting, training, and funding Hispanic candidates for state legislative seats throughout Texas. With the right messaging, strategy, and tactics, we will make additional gains in the state legislature and position quality Hispanic candidates to win elections.



  • Communicate common-sense conservative, Republican principles with the Hispanic community.

  • Recruit, train, and fund Hispanic Republican candidates to run for state legislature.

  • Encourage Hispanic Texans to participate in the electoral process.

Meet our 2022 endorsed candidates:

Ryan Guillen, House District 31

Campaign Website:  https://www.ryanguillen.com/

Carolyn Vaughn, House District 34

Campaign Website:  https://electcarolyn.com/

Oscar Rosa, House District 35

Campaign Website: https://www.oscarfortexas.com/

Janie Lopez, House District 37

Campaign Website: https://www.janielopez.com/

John Guerra, House District 41

Campaign Website:  https://www.votedrguerra.com/

Rep. John Lujan, House District 118

Campaign Website: https://www.votelujan.com/

Mano DeAyala, House District 133

Campaign Website:  https://www.manoforstaterep.com/

Sen. Pete Flores, Senate District 24

Campaign Website: https://floresfortexas.com/

Adam Hinojosa, Senate District 27

Campaign Website: https://electadamhinojosa.com/

More to come…

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    Past candidates:

    • Rep. J.M. Lozano, House District 43

    • Rep. Larry Gonzales, House District 52

    • Rep. Jason Villalba, House District 114

    • Rep. Rick Galindo, House District 117

    • John Garza, House District 117

    • Gilbert Peña, House District 144

    • Raul Torres, House District 33

    • Hilda Garza DeShazo, House District 41

    • Cynthia Flores, House District 52

    • Luisa del Rosal, House District 114

    • Fred Rangel, House District 124

    • Alma Perez Jackson, House District 125

    • Angelica Garcia, House District 132

    • Ruben Villarreal, House District 144

    • David Pineda, House District 144