ART traces its roots back to 1974 when one hundred dedicated Republicans, under the leadership of Senator John Tower, gathered in a motel near DFW airport to begin laying the groundwork for a remarkable comeback and a string of Republican victories.

Over the last forty years, ART has been a pillar of support for Republicans in Texas. Under the leadership of ART Co-Chairs, John Nau and Hector De Leon, the distinguished Board Members from around the state have made a tremendous impact on Texas politics. Between 2009 and 2016, ART helped 118 Republican candidates run for the Texas Legislature, including 28 Hispanic candidates. In 2012, ART was able to help Republicans secure a 95-55 advantage in the Texas House, the second largest majority in the history of the state.

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ART is a non-profit organization committed to maintaining the Republican majority in the Texas Legislature and strengthening the future of Republicans in Texas.

ART is committed to winning Texas House and Senate seats by allocating resources to the right candidates, in the right districts, at the right time. Each election cycle, ART supports targeted and competitive challenger, open, and incumbent races. ART’s investments through direct and in-kind contributions ensure candidates run effective and accountable campaigns.

In addition, ART supports engaging the growing Hispanic community in Texas through its Hispanic Voter Network (HVN). HVN is committed to coordinating a long-term, results-driven commitment to the Hispanic community to help keep Texas a conservative, Republican-led state.

We encourage you to join in ART’s mission to keep Texas a conservative, Republican-led state.