Speaker Phelan’s Immediate Focus

Giving Texans the support they need

In a series of recent press releases, Speaker Phelan has laid out several of his top priorities for this session. The Speaker notes that these are some of the most “pressing” topics that are top of mind for Texans which is why they have gained his endorsement.

Phelan’s top priorities for this session include bills that would protect the privacy and security of all Texans, extend Medicaid eligibility to new mothers for a full year, protect the data and privacy of Texas’ children, and exempt the sales tax from many essential family products.

Speaker Phelan states that “these bills are great starting points for our chamber as we work to get them over the finish line this legislative session.”

The Texas Data Privacy and Security Act, could make Texas the sixth state in the U.S. to enact major privacy legislation. This bill is set to recognize Texans’ new online rights, including the ability to crack down on how companies collect and profit from personal data.

Similarly, the SCOPE Act,  which stands for ‘Securing Children Online Through Parent Empowerment’ will equip parents with tools to keep their children safe online, stop addictive algorithms, and prevent companies from collecting private information.

For too long [technology companies] have taken advantage of the data and privacy of Texans and especially our children, who are vulnerable to predatory and addicting algorithms and advertisements on social media platforms,” Phelan said. “Putting parents back in the driver’s seat on this issue is a priority for our chamber this session.”

Additionally, Phelan is backing House Bill 300 – which aims to exempt essentials for babies, like diapers and wipes, along with feminine hygiene products from the state sales tax to make those items more affordable for families.

“It is essential that the Texas House makes meaningful progress this year on better supporting mothers and children in the state — and that starts with extending health coverage for new moms to a full year,” Phelan said.

Which is why there is a bill in the House that proposes  extending Medicaid eligibility to new mothers in Texas from two months to a year after giving birth. This bill would give women more time to access critical postpartum health coverage.

In a press release on February 23rd, Phelan praised his chamber with the following statement, “I am so proud of the hard work that members of the Texas House have already put into these four legislative proposals, which reflect some of the most pressing issues on the minds of Texans today.”

Speaker Phelan’s list of priorities has not only created momentum but also sets the tone for the 88th Legislative session by addressing the important issues that affect Texans everyday.