Protecting our Communities

If NYC has reached the end of its rope, imagine what the state of Texas has been going through.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams made the long trek from the Upper East Side to the Southern Border in El Paso last week.

During his visit, Adams called for financial help from the Federal Government to deal with the flow of migrants being sent to his sanctuary city. 

To the tune of $2 billion, Adams crooned that the Big Apple could be reaching its breaking point.

“This is a national crisis,” Adams said to reporters during his trip.

And for once, the liberal mayor is right – the crisis that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have chosen to ignore for half of their term is destroying communities all over the country with an increase in crime and drugs devastating families and taking the lives of young people. 

But if New York is suffering after serving as the sanctuary city they signed up to be, can Adams even imagine the impacts that a wide-open border is having on the state of Texas?

The liberal coastal elite love to preach from their soapboxes thousands of miles away and tell Texans how we should deal with the issues we are facing.

But when the problem shows up on their doorstep, and they are hit with a dose of reality, suddenly the fingers stop being pointed and the cries for help ensue. 

While Adams and other liberal leaders dance around the issues because it is not politically convenient, we at the Associated Republicans of Texas (ART) are fighting to address the issue head on.

Rep. David Spiller (R-Jacksboro), who was backed by ART in the 2022 midterm elections, has already introduced a bill that would increase the penalties for certain crimes committed while entering the country illegally.

Unfortunately, it’s become clear that Abbott and conservatives in the Texas Legislature are left with no choice – to solve this issue in spite of President Biden, not alongside him. 

“Texas will not sit on the sidelines as President Biden continues turning a blind eye to the crisis at our Southern Border,” Abbott said in a statement.