Data Privacy in the Age of Big Tech

What is being done to help

We are all connected to one another thanks to the digital world, and those digital connections grow more complicated by the day. Texans are increasingly concerned how their personal data is being collected and how that data is being used.

Texas Republicans partnering with the Texas Department of Information Services have proposed legislation to keep your private and personal data safe.

Representative Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake) recently filed the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (House Bill 1844) that aims to set standards for the collection and use of consumer data by big tech companies. This complex and comprehensive bill recognizes your rights, as a voluntary consumer, to privacy and transparency.

A few of those rights are: 1) the right to access personal data and receive that data in a readable format, 2) the right to correct and delete personal data, and 3) the right to opt out of the collection and sale of personal data, among others.

“This [bill] puts the power back in the hands of citizens, where it belongs. It should be up to you to decide what happens with your personal information on the internet,” said Representative Capriglione who also brought online platforms and social media companies together to be part of the workable solution to this important issue.

Texas’ current privacy protection acts cover company data breaches, response protocols for cyber crimes, protections for medical patient records, prohibition against student data disclosure, biometric capture and consent, and further criminalization of identity theft.

In a world of increasing digital communications, Republicans in the 88th Legislature have proposed valuable solutions to several modern technology challenges. As the legislative session progresses over the next several months, ART Newsroom will keep you updated on this important legislation and more.